Corporate Learning Division

The Corporate training division of Zenoxx Knowledge Services Private Limited caters to provide trainings on advance & cutting edge technologies to Corporate and Working professionals who wish to enhance there skills for bridging knowledge gaps backed by Strong R & D team whose function is to identify and analyze gaps in the skills of the employees and provide tailor- made training solutions to suite to specific requirements both in terms of Cost effectiveness and Knowledge acquisition in a shorter span.

We provide comprehensive solutions with measurable results to ensure individuals achieve the maximum learning experience from our training courses. We work closely with our clients to identify the key deliverables for each team of participants and focus on training them to surpass the objectives. Learn more about our offerings below.


Organizations can derive enormous benefits out of e-learning. However, there are very few e-learning providers who possess the necessary infrastructure and expertise. As pioneers of e-learning in India, we operate from a vantage position. We help offshore organizations adopt, implement and profit from this exciting medium of learning.

Zenoxx offers Online trainings programs for individuals or corporate nominees using net meeting / classroom creating a virtual classroom like effect and a learning environment that is interactive which matches the user’s individual grasping power and progresses at his/her own pace. With visuals and lectures to match, along with an interactive interface adds greater depth to the learning process.

We conduct Online trainings on Technologies under the umbrella of Microsoft, Oracle, Red-hat, SAP, IBM, Cisco, Adobe, Sybase etc. We also conduct training on Data warehousing Mobile Application Development and behavioural Skills like leadership etc.

College to Corporate Link Initiative Program


A unique program that brings awareness about current and changing technologies which further helps the students to decide there career road map.

It helps to bridge the gap between what students have learnt in there college curriculum vis a vis current industry requirements by going through an industry vetted comprehensive program leading to a there placement in an organization.


Zenoxx Resource Solution Services Centre – Provides staffing solutions to its clients globally.. We expertise in providing manpower assistance and support for permanent staffing and contract hiring to few big size clients in India and abroad.

We also provide software professionals for short term assignments.

The manpower services offered to our clients involve all staffing needs of the company for its office in India as well as in countries like US, UK and Middle East.

On Job Support for Individuals or Corporate Nominees

In this competitive world the Projects Dynamics and Technological requirements keeps on changing at frequent intervals. , As result the working professionals are exposed to some unknown and unpredictable challenging tasks  whose efficient and effective handling may require some additional expertise in the given filed.  In the current working scenario one hardly gets time to brush-up or up-grade his/her technical expertise

To have a constant good image and keeping ahead from others, one would require constant expert support, advice and guidance from time to time which would help in overcoming and dealing with the new task with ease.

How Zenoxx Knowledge Services would help you out

In order to overcome this dilemma, we will help the professionals to connect with our technical eperts who will understand the job requirement and the technical challenges that one may face in his/her day to day working. Thereafter, our expert will  provide one to one solution which will help you to overcome the problems that one may face in his/her project and daily assignments.

We assure you that your technical hurdles will vanish with the help of our expert advice and guidance and your reputation in the organization will not only be maintained but will also get elevated..

Our Areas of Expertise

DW/BI tools (i.e. Informatica, Datastage, Cognos, Business Object, Syncsort DMX).

How to start with this.

We expect individual to send us an e- mail or contact us on the numbers indicated in the below signature along with a brief on his/her technical problem area.

We shall connect you with our expert thru phone or net meeting who shall

  1. Define the scope of the work after understanding your problem.
  2. Specify and inform the man-hours required to solve the problem,
  3. Finalize the schedule with dates and timings when you can get connected with him, And
  4. provide you a complete solution as per the defined the scope of work.

Payment Terms

50% advance,
25% in between
25% at the time when the Solution is provided by the expert.

What we expect from an individual

100% Transparency in discussing the problem
100% Honesty.